Download Adguard Premium APK for Free on Android

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Download Adguard Content Blocker Premium Mod APK – If you want to block unwanted ads on your Android phone, you should use this ad blocker application, known as Adguard Content Blocker. 

Adguard Content Blocker Mod APK
Adguard Content Blocker Mod APK

Adguard Content Blocker Pro APK is an application that will block all ads on Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser without needing to root your device.

AdGuard Content Blocker does not block ads in other applications.

Why Choose Adguard Premium Apk?

Block ads everywhere

Block throughout the entire system. Dozens of ad filters are available to you and are regularly updated to guarantee the best filtering quality.

Care about your privacy

We always take care of the privacy of your data above anything else. W

With AdGuard you could feel secure and safe from online trackers and analytics systems that are hiding on the web trying to steal your sensitive information.

Saves your traffic

More blocked ads mean fewer ads loading. Loading fewer ads means saving more traffic. Simple Mathematics by Adguard!

Download the APK file, install the app and spend your traffic on things you like instead of wasting your money on generous ads.

AdGuard Mod APK

Filename blocker

Size 27.55 MB

Version v3.1.2

Mods Premium features are unlocked


adguard premium apk
adguard premium apk
  • Serving applications without add-ons
  • The best way to delete all ads on Google
  • Data and password protection
  • Stylish and user-friendly interface
  • Check out all the unknown sources
  • Full filtering of pop-up ads
  • And many more.

Protect your data from trackers

Having access to the Internet means that your data may be exposed to online trackers. While some may care a bit about this and consider it a standard, some users may be sceptical enough to protect some privacy.

Understanding this, Adguard lets its users remain completely anonymous on the Internet without tracking or following it. Along with the additions, your password and any other input will be encrypted so that they are invisible to others.

Increase device performance

As a side effect of having fewer ads on your system, your hardware requires less hardware capacity to operate. So, having more free space in your phone storage will be faster. Additions, having fewer ads on your website means less traffic. Therefore, when using AdGuard, you will save significant amounts of Internet traffic. Also, having fewer ads allows websites to load faster, thus increasing overall browser performance.

More features than the Adguard Content Blocker

If you’re in the Google Play Store, chances are you’ll only be able to access the AdGuard Content Blocker. Don’t get me wrong because it’s a good ad-blocking application on an Android device.

However, compared to the Adguard Premium, the Adguard Content Blocker seems quite trivial.

It is only able to support phones that use Yandex browser or Samsung Internet Explorer. Best of all, you won’t even be able to hide ads in Android applications.

This is mostly due to Google’s limited advertising policies, which is also the reason why you are not getting Edgerd Premium on Google Play.

You can also download adguard for mac.

Frequently updates and corrections

Adguard Premium is updated frequently to ensure its functionality and performance. So, your ad blocker will be relatively up-to-date so that it can tackle new and strategies.

Along with the additions, the app gets faster and more effective after each version, which we appreciate.

[Fixed] Adguard won’t restart after auto-pause on older Android devices

Turned on, Adguard did not restart after an automatic pause of protection on some older devices (Android and older) (say the change to network state). This has impacted a huge enough share of Adguard users to justify instant updates.

  • [Changed] Localization updated
  • [Fixed] An error occurred during license activation
  • [Fixed] Certificate issue on 32-bit Android device
  • [Advanced] Upgrade CoreLibs to 1.1.53


  • Optimized graphics and clean resources for faster loading <Advanced Results (8.58 MB total apk size)
  • Based on the premium version
  • All resources are encrypted
  • Language: N, Rs

How to install Adguard Premium Mod Apk?

With all the apps installed, installing the Adguard Premium Mod Apk is very easy and the same. After downloading the APK:

1. Click on the downloaded files.

2. After clicking, your installation will start automatically.

3. Few seconds will take to install this app.

4. You will need to check the option ‘Allow files from unknown sources’ in your device settings. (Settings> Security> Unknown sources)

5. That’s all you have to do.

Enjoy 🙂

What’s new

  • Fixed problem with large file downloads (with Google Play updates)
  • Improved handling of TCP connections
  • The short field is added to “Low-level settings”
  • The “pref.vpn.capture” option has been added to the lower level settings section
  • An issue has been fixed by applying “low-level preferences”
  • Fixed an issue with DNS cache in manual proxy mode
  • Icons cache moved to the application cache

Frequently Asked Questions Adguard Apk

What is the difference between AdGuard Content Blocker and AdGuard for Android?

The difference is huge. Content blockers, in general, are not limited to just a few (and a few) browsers, but they are far less powerful in their control of advertising fighting tools. Adguard for Android, as a standalone application, can block ads in all browsers and even other applications, and the quality of filtering is so high.

Why is there no Adguard for Android in the Google Play Store?

Google has a very strange policy towards ad blockers in the Play Store. This means that the app isn’t allowed to block ads across the entire device, leaving tiny content blockers as the only option. Adguard has also been removed from the Play Store.

What’s the difference between the free and premium version of Adguard for Android?

The free version is great for deleting ads from browsers but it doesn’t filter the traffic from other apps. It also lacks the Safe Browsing feature.

I still see ads on some apps and some websites. What do I have to do

Most likely, you need to enable HTTPS filtering. HTTPS loads a lot of ads and AdGuard is also able to block them. Go to Settings -> HTTPS Filtering and turn it on.

The other thing is to make sure that you are using the ‘high quality’ filtering mode (Settings -> Advanced)

Do I need root access?

No, it is not required. Adguard can work freely on no rooted devices as a well-rooted device too.

Will I use a separate VPN application with Adguard?

Unfortunately, running two VPNs simultaneously on Android is impossible, but there are some ways to circumvent this limitation.

If your device is on the route, or if you are just thinking about blocking ads on WiFi networks, you can switch Adguardto the proxy mode and allow another application to use VPN.

Additionally, some VPNs allow the use of an upstream proxy (e.g., PIA VPN., Nord VPN) – your specific VPN removes this option Check if the brow does.

Adguard for Android provides you with reliable and security. Adguard removes all annoying ads from web pages and applications, blocks the loading of dangerous websites, and doesn’t allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet.

Adguard stands against its analogues, as it can work in HTTP proxy or VPN mode.


Keep visiting these pages, We will update the APK whenever a new version will be available. I hope you enjoyed the latest Adguard Premium Mod APK on your Android phone, also visit our website to download the latest Android Mod APK.

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