Animation Throwdown Mod Apk 1.3 [Unlimited]

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In Animation Throwdown Mod Apk, you will get unlimited money for free on Android. For the first time, find five animated series of your choice on a single deck card.

Animation Throwdown Mod Apk
Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

GRIFFIN! BOB’S Burgers! Futurama! American father! The kings of Texas! Discover Animation Throwdown: In Search of Cards! Find hundreds of characters and cult moments from your favourite episodes.

Now before going to the download section, there is some more information that you need to know about this animation throwdown mode apk. Read the history of this game in wiki.

Animation Throwdown Mod APK

This cool game will grant you to plunge into the world of cards of your favourite cartoons.

Fight other players in tactical head-to-head card battles. Join the Guild with your friends, you can share tips and tricks through the chat, then take part in epic ramblers and CJs to capture loot and glory – do you think you can rise to the top?

You will enjoy an unforgettable world where you have to collect the most powerful deck of cards.

From the combinations collected will depend on the further outcome of the game.

We will discuss this further but first, we will give you a direct download link of Mod apk.

How To Download Animation Throwdown Mod Latest APK?

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Downloading Animation Throwdown Apk unlimited gems is easy, check out the steps below.

  1. Click the Download button below.
  2. You will be redirected to the download page.
  3. Verify the captcha.
  4. The download will begin automatically.

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Download Animation Throwdown Mod Apk

Animation Throwdown Cracked Apk
Animation Throwdown Cracked Apk
Name Animation Throwdown: The Collectible Card Game
Developer Kongregate
Requires Android5.0 and up
Updated72 hours ago

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How to Install Animation Throwdown Cracked Apk?

Animation Throwdown Cracked Apk is very easy to install on Android devices. There are two ways to install the app on your Android device.

The first one is that you need to download and install the app directly from the Play Store, which is a free version, and the second one is to download the APK file from here and install it manually which is a Pro version.

1. Click on the downloaded files.

2. After clicking, your installation will start automatically.

3. Few seconds will need to install this app.

4. You will require to check the option ‘Allow files from unknown sources’ in your device settings. (Settings> Security> Unknown sources)

5. That’s all you have to do.

Enjoy 🙂

Google Play download link.

Important: Uninstall older version (if available)



The Animation Throwdown Mod Apk has very nice graphics. The game has been inspired by popular American animated films.

The game is an opportunity to meet fun characters like Family Guy, Bob’s Burger, American Dad, Futurama and King of the Hill.

Therefore, the fun graphics of the game can make you laugh out loud.


Immerse yourself in epic card battles with your funny cartoon characters.

Fight against your enemies using all sorts of dirty and fun tactics.

It looks like you’re watching the perfect joke cartoon hand-held by yourself.

Free to Play

With all the exciting features, it’s still hard to believe in free will to play the game.

That being said, gamers can get access to all of its content at no cost to the Animation Throwdown.

And although there are still some app purchases and ads, your game is unlikely to be disrupted if you are an active gamer.

Key Features

  • Animation Throwdown Mod apk Unlimited Gems
  • Unlock other players and bring the Secret Fight Club to parity in the arena.
  • Your five favourite shows together!
  • Collect and fuse cards, design a deck, then rise to the top of the opponent’s.
  • Compete in new challenges and guild battles each week for big rewards.
  • Discover ridiculous combos and discover powerful new cards in the mom mystery box.
  • Laugh ‘You throw your phone (or tablet) in the toilet!
  • Conquer 30+ Islands of Story Levels to win cards – will you be able to unlock Onyx mode?
  • Infinite hours of play, you’ll never stop playing!
System Requirements
  • Processor 2.1 GHz
  • CPU Speed: Data from 2.1 GHz to 2.3 GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Operating system Android version 4.2 to 5.0
  • Gorilla Corning Glass Display
  • Pixel Shader: 5.0
  • Vertex Shader: 5.0
  • Free disk space: 1200 MB
  • Free RAM space: 1024 MB
Public reviews

Here we have attached some thoughts about animation throwdown the collectible card game mod apk. You can get to know the app better by reading these public reviews from the Play Store.

Reviewed by – Samuel Johnson: I love this game so much ?. It’s very hilarious and I love the idea and the cards and the combos too.

I really feel that you need to add Rick and Morty, and maybe because of Simpson I’m thinking of some fun combos for them already. You guys are on to something good and I hope it does…

Reviewed by – Kingcom: This game is easily Top 5, hands down and has huge potential.

Although I have some complaints. Whenever I go on a winning streak (especially once long) I finally get a hand when I study the 240/240 combo and AI just barely hits me. Is it to save me from winning too much?

I think one more thing you should add more shows too. Perhaps, Rick and Morty, there are plenty of ideas that can be used for a combination.

Reviewed by – Philip Rodriguez: Overall the game is great. The mechanics are easy to use and the game techniques easy to pick up. It’s just that the cost to win this type of game is high.

And I hate it. It really brings out the whole fun experience. I can just buy whatever I want without grinding, it’s just lame!

Reviewed by – Sage White: I don’t usually write reviews or rate apps but in all seriousness this game is amazing !! It’s fun and easy to learn, with ila stylized dialysis and even fun card combos!

Even with the purchase of the app, the game has an equal playing field, in my experience, definitely recommend the download!


Explore the diverse and hilarious world of cartoon card games. Animation Throwdown Mod Apk is one of the few Android titles where you can actually play and engage in their hilarious adventures. Plus, you’ll also get unlimited access to this amazing game with our modes.

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