Enlight Pixaloop Pro Apk for Free Latest Version

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Today, I will tell you about Enlight Pixaloop Pro Apk and I will also provide a download link to this application. I think you will like this app because it is an amazing app that you should try once.

Let me tell you about Enlight Pixaloop Pro Apk. In this app, you can create moving photos and discover different types of photo animations! You can transform your photos and bring them to magic with the first photo animation application Pixaloop.

Ever wondered how we can move our photos, or how to animate photos? Now you can transmit your photos to your Android device.

Enlight Pixaloop brings to life images with amazing animation photos mobile software, creating moving pictures that will wow anyone from your friends to Instagram followers.

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We will discuss these further but after giving you a direct download link to Enlight Pixaloop Pro Apk.

How To Download Enlight Pixaloop Mod Latest APK?

This is ModHunters, so you don’t have to wait for a dine to download any of the modded applications from our site. 

Downloading Enlight Pixaloop Pro is easy, check out the steps below.

  1.   Click the Download button below.
  2.   You will be redirected to the download page.
  3.   Verify the captcha.
  4.   The download will begin automatically.

Remember: while ModHunters always offers genuine apps, all applications are up to date on the latest version of that app.

Download Enlight Pixaloop Pro

Enlight Pixaloop Pro Apk
Enlight Pixaloop Pro Apk
File Name Enlight Pixaloop Pro
File Size86.1MB
Requires Android7.1 and up
Developer Lightricks Ltd.
Updated3 days ago

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Enlight Pixaloop Apk

How to Install Enlight Pixaloop Pro for Free?

Enlight Pixaloop Pro is very easy to install on Android devices. There are two ways to install the app on your Android device. 

The first one is that you need to download and install the app directly from the Play Store, which is a free version, and the second one is to download the APK file from here and install it manually which is a Pro version.

1. Click on the downloaded files.

2. After clicking, your installation will start automatically.

3. Few seconds will need to install this app.

4. You will require to check the option ‘Allow files from unknown sources’ in your device settings. (Settings> Security> Unknown sources)

5. That’s all you have to do.

Enjoy 🙂

Google Play download link.

Important: Uninstall older version (if available)


Move image still

  • Animate a photo with a few taps and swipes
  • Place the anchor point to place parts of the animated image
  • Freeze sections of photos with a brush in the fridge
  • The arrow will show the direction of motion

Animate photo with Sky

  • Replace the beland sky with colourful sunsets and animated clouds
  • With this animation photo editor, you can easily get the sky’s results
  • Choose from a variety of automatic skies that resemble the timelapse

Add speed to photos with overlays

  • Add fun overlays to bring mood, emotion and movement to a static photo
  • Get a popular Instagram to find your stories and feeds
  • Add weather overlays, sparkles and more!
  • Make a cinematograph similar effect

Video functionality in Photo Editor

  • Control movement and animation with speed, direction and style
  • Distort perspective and style with adjustments and effects
  • Find every type you need in this Android Animation Photo Editor

Adjust your moving photos

  • Adjust all required photos
  • Adjust photos, edit and bring to life
  • Bring your photos to life!

Learn how to bring a picture to Android

  • Animate any photo element: hair, waves, clouds and clothing
  • Create ongoing masterpieces that serve your social media presence, business, or personal brand
  • Get Easy Results With This Android Photo Animation App!
  • Push your imagination with Pixalup’s high-end and simple animation tools
  • Learn to live in the minute with incredible design and animation photo software and technology

Review by users

These reviews were collected on the Google Play App Store.

Jeffrey Libby: So beautiful !!!! I don’t know why some people like to write crack cigarettes and Google Play reviews. This app will not work if you are cracked and/or have a ten-year-old flip phone. However, it works perfectly if you are not disabled and have a modern phone. 

I tried the trial (just click the X to close the initial offer) and would buy the Pro but I think it would be worth the extra price, $ 10. Thanks for this great app, it’s great, good job!

Jim Price: There’s a lot of potentials, not enough. The ease of use and the animation effects are amazing, but edge handling leaves a lot of leaves to be desired. 

I have a picture of my son jumping on a small hill with water underneath. 

I tried to hum my son while animating the water below. The flowing water looks great, but my son’s edges also flowed, dampening the effect. 

I went back and increased the refrigerator area, but this resulted in a clear break in the flow. Max will try again at zoom.

Designed Goel: I don’t know why this app is rated so bad … it does what it means to do and it’s actually pretty cool .. I’ve used it in a number of apps, and even the free effects are pretty impressive. I would definitely recommend it. 

And for all these people, this requires a clear payment, or it doesn’t.

You have a cross icon at the top, clicking it will allow you to use the free version of the application. How slow are most people here?


Hope you like the Enlight Pixaloop Pro Apk and you can download it for free and I hope you have downloaded it successfully. 

If you like this app, share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too. 

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