SD Maid Pro+Unlocker APK Download for Android

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Download Latest SD Maid PRO Apk for Android – SD Maid is an application intended for rooted devices that can clean your Android device with a list of tools.  

SD Maid Pro can help your Android function better and faster. The app is easy enough to use and can customize and shrink bloated databases to increase access speed and free up space.

SD Maid Pro
SD Maid Pro

This is a useful Android application that cleans your phone or tablet from an additional file that comes with uninstalled software on your device.

This Pro Version scans your phone or tablet for cached and Additional files in apps and then tries to wipe them from your Android device’s memory.

Now you can download the latest version of SD Maid Pro with features unlocked from Mod Hunters website.

SD Maid Pro Features

SD Maid Pro
SD Maid Pro

•Identify duplicate pictures, music, or documents that differ by name or location.

•Automatically run tools through any schedule or widgets.

•Manage installed user and system applications.

•Search for files by content, name, or date.

•Remove any additional files from your system.

•Locate files associated with previously uninstalled applications.

•Optimize the database.

•Clean up the actual application and remove the expensive files, 

•which is what others call ‘clear cache.’

•Browse your entire device and manipulate files with a complete 

file explorer.

•Get a detailed overview of your storage.

Download SD Maid Pro APK

SD Maid will help you keep your android device clean and tidy! It provides a set of tools for managing applications and files.

Nobody is perfect, and neither is Android. Leave behind some of the apps you’ve already moved. Crash reports, logs, and other files you don’t want are creating.

Your device storage is collecting files and directories that you do not recognize. Let’s not go here. Let SD Maid help you out!

File name SD

Size 20.0 MB

Version V4.15.5

Mods Use all Premium Features for free.

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What is SD Maid? Why should you use the Pro version?

SD Maid Pro is an excellent tool that helps Android users locate and statistics junk or unnecessary files on their device. From there, it suggests you handle them. 

The application was created by Darken – an independent programmer in Australia. 

There are currently two versions available in the Play Store for users to choose from: paid and free. Of course, the paid version offers advanced qualitative features to help you manage things better.

Besides, it is no coincidence that users highly praised SD Maid Pro as the most powerful tool for handling junk files on Android systems. 

The app can work well on most Android devices running OS 4.4 or higher. 

There are currently more than 1 million downloads of SD Maid Pro from the Play Store. Accordingly, most of the reviews or this app are great. 

Looking for a powerful tool to clean up and to locate junk files in your system for smooth operation, SD Maid Pro is the best choice.

Critical features of SD Maid Pro

As mentioned, SD Maid Pro offers many advanced features that allow you to scan files and customize the system. 

However, if the user is not so keen on these features, you can choose the free version for experience before deciding to buy the Pro version. 

In this article, we will show you how to download and install the premium version of SD Maid Pro on Android. 

Furthermore, we will give you all the information related to the app so that it can show you as well-deserved. Let’s take a look at its key features below.


SD Maid Pro-file explorer icon
SD Maid Pro

SD Maid Pro feature lets you manage files on the system. This may work well and replace the default file managers on the device. Also, you can browse all folders on the device. Several options allow you to copy, move, or delete them. However, we recommend that you use an independent tool such as ES File Manager to do this.

Powerful Searcher

SD Maid Pro-seacher feature
SD Maid Pro

This feature allows you to find any files on the system. Which you type in the key in the search bar. The results will tell you what to do as they appear quickly.

Application Control

SD Maid Pro-App Cleaner feature
SD Maid Pro

All your installed applications will be displayed here. A short notice next to it will show you the status of the app (running, boot, stop ).

You can tap on an application to get a list of detailed information about it. Also, SD Maid Pro gives a list of activities that you can do with it: Run Now, Activity Manager, Force Stop, Export, Refrigerate, Delete, and Reset.

We’ll talk more about export, delete, and reset features.

If you remember, we’ve also launched AVG Antivirus Pro – a powerful application for managing and managing tasks.

First, the Export feature allows you to package and export applications to APL files, which is a great way to share copyright applications with other devices.

Subsequently, the reset enables the app to keep but delete its data and restore the initial install state.

Finally, the Delete feature lets you delete applications, even system applications. You should use caution when using it.

System and Application Cleaner

This feature allows you to remove junk files while our device is running. 

You may not know, even if you delete an application, the device still has some data left. 

If you perform simple tasks like messaging, taking photos, these files are always generated. 

So, to handle these, you need SD Maid Pro. In which you can delete them or specify an application.


This feature allows you to manage duplicate files. Users can select the “reload” icon in the bottom corner so that the app automatically scans all device data. We bet you were surprised at the number of these files. On the first scan, my device contained more than 500 duplicate files. To solve all of these you need to select “Magic Pen” for SD Maid Pro.

Optimizing Database

SD Maid Pro-Optimizing Database
SD Maid Pro

Each application you install on the device has a database file. But these are not size friendly. Don’t worry that SD Maid Pro will help you do this. You can also select the boost icon. Everything will run automatically. A few seconds later, the database of applications has been optimized.


SD Maid Pro-Schedulericon
SD Maid Pro

This is another excellent feature of the application. Here, you can tell the app, and it will work automatically every time. All you have to do is swipe to the left to turn on the feature you want, then select the clock icon at the top and set the time. This feature allows SD Maid Pro to perform cleanup operations and automatically operate to speed up the device. You don’t need to open your app to do everything manually.

How to install SD Maid Pro on Android?

It’s straightforward to install our mod apk files on any android phone, follow the Steps.

  • Save the downloaded.Zip on your android phone’s SD card
  • Unzip the Apk using Winrar software
  • install and Run the SD Maid APK pro
  • That’s it. Enjoy!

How to use SD Maid PRO Tutorial

YouTube video

SD Maid Pro Reviews

MaidPro reviews can help you better understand about the app. Moreover, you can determine whether SD Maid is right for you or not. So what are you waiting for!

Lets know from them who are using this app from a long time and provided their valuable reviews.

User reviews

SD Maid Pro+Unlocker APK Download for Android 1

Stephanie ★★★★★ Have known about this app FOREVER and today decided to buy the PRO version of SD Maid and well worth it indeed.

I’ve got an S9 plus and a Samsung Galaxy S5e 10 inch tablet and this app works FLAWLESSLY on both devices.

Love the dark UI too and the maid reminds me of ME, always standing up drin…

SD Maid Pro+Unlocker APK Download for Android 2

gail brazendale ★★★★★ The best application ever for cleaning phone.It really works unlike some of the cleaning apps I have used in the past I recommend it 100%.

It is definitely worth more than 5 stars.☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

SD Maid Pro+Unlocker APK Download for Android 3

Fahad Maniar ★★★★★ Darken, you the man! Fantastic app. Using it for more than a year now and been nothing but satisfied with the app and its performance .

Glad to see that you keep updating it and i read the changelogs although i don’t understand half of the stuff in it but still 😛 Keep up the good work. You are a lo…

SD Maid Pro+Unlocker APK Download for Android 4

Reimon Pagan ★★★★★ Still one of the best Android maintenance app. I’ve been using for quite a long time now. And great full for the developer update on Newer OS. Thanks Darken!

SD Maid Pro+Unlocker APK Download for Android 5

Brian Matei ★★★★★ Great app, does exactly what it says. I’d like to see two changes — combining this and the main app, and a rethinking of the app’s navigation.

Cluttering the app drawer with what is essentially an IAP doesn’t make sense. The side drawer is very cluttered, and “back” never takes you where you’d think.

SD Maid Pro+Unlocker APK Download for Android 6

Alexander van Tricht ★★★★★ Excellent app. UNinstalled other advert ridden apps. SD MAID Pro is easy to use and efficient. Had to contact the developer because of a Google Play Store problem. He responded within a few hours > and problem solved. Recommended!


SD Maid Pro is an excellent app for managing files on Android devices. In this article, we have shared the Pro version of it. I hope you already downloaded and installed on your device. Save this page if you want to get updated notification of the latest SD Maid PRO app. Thank you and stay with us.

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