SnapTube Mod Apk VIP Ad-Free v4.81 [Latest Version]

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Videos are uploaded and downloaded more and more with the use of the Internet — especially YouTube videos.

SnapTube Mod Apk
SnapTube Mod Apk

Today I’m giving you the best solution to download your favourite videos directly from YouTube using SnapTube Mod Apk

Mod Hunters always promise you to help by Android Mod Applications.

SnapTube VIP Mod APK

SnapTube is an excellent app for downloading YouTube videos across platforms. You can use it to download a video in any size and any format. 

What is a SnapTube APK?

SnapTub is a popular video downloader application for both Android and Windows. At the moment, it’s officially available in many app stores, including Apptoid and OptDown. However, downloading YouTube videos is a violation of the Google PlayStore policy.

So, you can download it from them or here for the VIP version. To get instant updates, I suggest you follow these on the social site.

Supported sites

Here is a list of supported sites officially announced by SnapTube developers. Take a look below.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • VEVO
  • WhatsAppdaily
  • Reply
  • Vimeo
  • wine
  • Vu clip
  • Metacafe
  • Live leaks
  • Twitter
  • Tune
  • Soundcloud
  • pagalworld
  • What is the meaning of life if not hollow
  • Vid .me
  • And SnapType VIP supports many adult sites and more. 

Features of SnapTube VIP Ad-Free Mod APK :

  • The best part about SnapTube is that you can download videos in all resolutions.
  • MP3 video is also available in multiple resolutions.
  • You can choose the minimum size as high as 360 pixels and 720-pixels high-definition.
  • MP3 downloads are available directly.
  • You can download any YouTube video directly as an MP3 file.
  • No additional encoding processor plugins are required.
  • You can save space and watch your favourite videos anytime.
  • You can search for videos with keywords.
  • Videos can be paused, cancelled, or resumed on video download.
  • You can delete videos you no longer need.
  • All videos can be managed in one place.
  • It’s ad-free.
  • It has a spotless and bright dashboard that lets you access any video.

How to install SnapTube Mod Apk?

Click the download link below to start the download.

With all the apps installed, installing the app is very easy and the same. After downloading the APK:

1. Click on the downloaded files.

2. After clicking, your installation will start automatically.

3. Few seconds will take to install the app.

4. You will need to check the option ‘Allow files from unknown sources’ in your device settings. (Settings> Security> Unknown sources)

5. That’s all you have to do.

Enjoy 🙂

Download SnapTube VIP

File Name Snaptube-VIP-v4.81.0.4634810_build_4634810.apk

Size 11.6 MB

Version v4.81.0.4634810

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Video Tutorial:

YouTube video

Here are some screenshots that will help you use this great app.

Is it safe to use SnapTube?

In the case of third-party applications, everyone has this kind of doubt. In other words, apps that aren’t available on Google Playstore.

SnapTube is a fully secure application that has been validated by some security platforms such as McFee, Lookout Security, and CM Security. There is no risk to our phones and no evidence of sharing user data with third parties.


General Questions:

Q: Is SnapTob free to use?

Yes, SnapTube is a 100% free app, no payment required.

Q: Why is Snapchat not on Google Play? Is SnapTube Safe?

Due to Google’s policy, SnapTub is not on Google Play which prohibits downloading YouTube for copyright concerns.

SnapTube is safe and clean, not virus or malware.

Q: Can I use SnapTab on my iPhone or iPad?

SnapTube is now only available for Android.

Q: How do I download videos?

If you find the video you want to download, go to the details page, click the download button in the bottom right, choose a resolution, the download will begin after download.

Q: How do I search for videos?

You can search for videos in the search bar, or navigate to the YouTube tab and search.

Q: How do I filter search results?

At the bottom of the results page, you can see the duration and all-time options, enabling you to filter the results by video length and upload date.

Q: How do I update my Snapshot?

When there is a new version, you will receive a notification asking to update. Click to download updates.

If the update does not work, please visit to download and install the new version. If the installation fails, please uninstall the current snapshot and install again.

Q: How can I contact Snapchat for feedback or assistance?

There are three ways you can get in touch with Snapchat – go to Settings, report a bug, or like us on Facebook click or drop us an email: [email protected]

Q: Is it legal to use SnapTube?

SnapTab can only be used for personal purposes; any violation will lead to the service terminal. Please use Snaptab under the laws of your country.

To Download Videos or Music from YouTube:

Q: When downloading mp3, is mp3 downloaded or video converted to mp3?

The audio file of the YouTube video has been downloaded directly and automatically converted to MP3 format.

Q: Why not download 1080p or 2K video?

For some X86 devices, 1080p video, MP3 and 2K video are not currently available for download. x86 devices like Asus Zenfone, Lenovo K900, Acer Liquid C1, Lumia 1000, Moto XT890, etc.

For several YouTube videos, with original resolutions that are less than 1920×1080, Snapshot only options do not exceed the unique value.

Q: How can I download faster?

To speed up a particular task, you can try setting the maximum download task to 1 and pause all other tasks.

Or try turning off download mode faster in Settings.

Q: How do I set task numbers so I can download more videos at the same time?

You can set numbers from 1-10 in Settings – Most Download Tasks.

Q: Why is there no download button for YouTube videos?

Sorry, due to YouTube’s Terms of Service the service is not supported in your region.

Q: The download failed with the message “This website is not available in your country or region.

Sorry, due to YouTube’s Terms of Service the service is not supported in your region.

To Download Videos from Other Sites:

Q: How can I download Facebook video?

If a video is present on your timeline/group/ page, log in to your Facebook account on Snapchat, you will see a white download button in the upper left corner of the video, click on it to download.

Q: Why can’t I download Facebook videos in HD resolution?

The files you download from Facebook or other video sites other than YouTube are original.

Q: Why can’t I use ‘Copy URL’ to start downloading videos from my Facebook app?

The ‘Copy URL’ feature is currently only available for videos shared on ‘Public,’ for those shared with secret groups or limited friends, SnapTube cannot now access.

Q: How to download videos or pictures from Instagram?

Step 1, find the video you want to download. Click the More button in the bottom-right of the image near the comment button.

Step 2, click copy share URL.

Step 3, Return to SnapTube, Snapshot will automatically open the URL, click the download button.

Q: Why is the download button grey?

Please try to click the play button on the video first and then the download button will turn red.

Q: Why is YouTube video embedded on some websites not available for download?

Embedded videos are not currently supported by Snapchat.

Q: It says ‘Video failed to ask information,’ what should I do?

The connection between you and the server is weak; please try again later. If the problem persists, please submit a bug report with our video URL.

Q: Why did the download stop?

The download stops if the network is unstable or too weak; the application automatically tries to reconnect for a limited time if the system still has a problem, the download stops. You can restart it yourself.

Q: Why do I have to wait a few seconds while downloading large files?

Snapshot does require some time while trying to save things to your device. Storing files in phone memory take less time than storing on an SD card.

Q: How can I download videos from websites not listed on the homepage or bookmarks?

Copy the link to the video and paste it into the search box in Snapshot and press Search or Enter.

Visit a site frequently? Add it to the homepage, so you don’t have to copy and paste the URLs next time.

To Save The Files And Delete History:

Q: How to download files on SD card?

Go to the settings of Snapchat, click the download path, choose Phone or XSDecard, select an existing folder, or create a new folder and click Yes. If there is no alternative to SD, please send a bug report to Snapshot.

Q: How to remove search or download history?

Click the search box, drag the page, and you will see the search history, click the trash to delete the search history.

Go to My Videos – Downloaded, press Video …, select Delete and Delete History. If you want to delete the file, delete the file instead.

Q: How to visit the web page of my downloaded files?

Go to My Videos – Downloaded, tap the downloaded file, choose Visit Website.

To Share Files or Apk:

Q: How to share downloaded files?

Go to My Videos – Downloaded, click the video …, share it, choose a file transfer or cloud service such as Bluetooth, ShareIt, Dropbox, etc.

Q: How to share a Snapchat?

Open the app, tap the Share button in the middle of the bar below, and send the link to your contacts.

Q: Why can’t I share files on WhatsApp or Facebook Contacts?

File music or video file transfers are not supported by WhatsApp or Facebook.


I hope I have given you all the relevant information about SnapTube Mod Apk. It is straightforward and assurance for today’s generation. Thank you for your valuable time to read this.

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