Spotify Premium MOD APK V8.5 [Latest Version]

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Spotify Premium Mod Apk: Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service that offers you access to an endless range of songs and different content from artists around the world.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk
Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Actions like playing music are entirely free, but you can also choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium. 

Download Spotify Premium Mod Apk

But now how to upgrade Options to the Spotify Music Premium V8.5 MOD version?

In this post, I am giving you every detail about Spotify Music Premium V8.5 MOD. In this post, I cover topics like:

  1. What is Spotify?
  2. What is Spotify Premium?
  3. Features of Spotify Premium.
  4. What is Modified Spotify Premium?
  5. How to Download Spotify Premium?
  6. Download link

Make sure you read the full article so that complete and detailed information is available. So without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a popular name among music lovers as previously explained. It’s an app for music lovers to gain access to millions of songs from their favourite artists worldwide.

One only needs to have an internet connection to enjoy this app. In addition to listening to music, one can also go on-demand streaming.

Is it surprising? I’m sure it is.

What is Spotify Premium?

Before you go any further, you must say, the Spotify official app is banned in some countries under specific rules. So using Spotify Premium removes all restrictions compared to the official Spotify app.

In short, using Spotify Premium allows you to access everything that is restricted to the formal application.

Spotify Premium Mod Apk Feature

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Unlimited download offer
  • Unlock navigation, find and repeat
  • Comes with the premium sound quality, which is very pleasing to the ear.
  • It saves storage
  • You can listen to free music on mobile anytime and anywhere.
  • Any artist, album, or playlist can play in shuffle mode.
  • You can go for free on-demand streaming.
  • Download music for offline listening.
  • Enjoy the fantastic sound quality.
  • No ads – just uninterrupted music.
  • No Promise – Cancel your preferred time.
  • Choose any song
  • Enable repeat
  • Search enabled
  • Unlimited shifts
  • Extreme audio is unlocked
  • Unlocked Spotify connection
  • Add FWD button to info bar/tablet mode
  • Audio ads blocked
  • Visual ads blocked

Download as many songs as you like –

There is no ceiling limit to download songs via Spotify cracked apk.

Unlike the standard version of Spotify Free Apk, Spotify Premium Free Epic enables you to enjoy unlimited downloads of songs and podcasts.

No internet. Don’t worry! Listen offline –

APM Premium Free Spotify with offline listening feature removes the pain of weak network connectivity that makes listening to your favourite tracks even less.

Download songs and listen to them without interruption of time and space through the Spotify Premium Android app APK. You can also share downloaded music via WhatsApp Plus.

No annoying ads –

There is no denying fact that ads spoil the user experience. Spotify ++ Android version is no exception.

To deal with it, the free version of Spotify Epic Crack Edition comes without ads (both audio and video). It always ensures a seamless supply of music.

Unlimited skips –

In the free version of Spotify, there are no limitations to the Spotify Android app. This means you can skip any songs you don’t want to hear.

This proves it consumes less data as you don’t need to load the song you’re about to avoid.

Best Quality Assurance –

Go to the Spotify App Download Premium Edition, and enjoy unlimited downloads as well as the best audio quality and in-depth listening to the audience.

For those who can’t compromise on the quality of their tracks, this is one of the most prominent features that gives Spotify Premium APK the full 2019 version. It is rated at a high 320 kbps bit.

Saves device storage –

All Spotify versions play music and podcasts directly from its server, so users occupy a negligible amount of stroke on the device.

You all need to have a secure and fast internet connection. However, when you choose to download the song, it stores the memory on your device.

Listen to your favourite songs –

After downloading the Spotify Premium APP 2019, you can play songs you love to hear again and again.

This is not possible in the official version of the Spotify application downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Also, change the Spotify playlist as often as you like. The Spotify Playlist Downloader lets you play songs on-demand.

No need to root your device –

To download the latest version of Spotify Premium APK, no key is required. It can be installed on any Android device without root access.

It works perfectly fine on non-core devices that provide all the features described above.

Accessible from any corner of the world –

This feature of the 2019 version of Spotify Premium Apk served as a trump card for some people who could not access this application due to some geographical restrictions.

Spotify Premium apk is not available in all countries.

If you are one of them, what could be better than a Spotify hacked APK, which lets you access harmonic tracks from anywhere in the world!

Play music on demand –

The Download feature lets Spotify Premium AP not only save songs to your device forever but also play music on-demand.

You can also continue to listen to music while calling. It has a very user-friendly interface, thus enabling easy and smooth navigation.

Also, the quick search option helps you find a song at a time.

How to Download Spotify Premium?

If you still don’t taste mango, how can you tell about its taste? So reading is not enough; you need to download the app to feel your brilliance. It’s free for Android. 

Download the link for Spotify Premium Mod Apk

Filename of Spotify-v8.5.0.735_build_44306747-Mod.apk

Size 32.1 MB

Version v8.5.0.735

Mods Premium Features

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Download Music and Podcasts on Spotify Premium

How to download music from Spotify?

Now that you know how to get Spotify Premium for free on your Android phone, you also need a quick tutorial to download music from Spotify. Did you know that the Spotify Premium app is installed on your device? 

You can download songs from the Spotify application without any failure on your device storage so you can listen wherever you want.

Download music files from the offline Spotify app can be easily shared through the application. Help yourself with this detailed guide to downloading music from hacked Spotify.

Spotify Premium Free Download

It is assumed that you have already installed the free Spotify Premium APK as mentioned above. It also suggests connecting your device to Wi-Fi, since cellular data can be slower and may cost you more. Now do as instructed –

  • Open the premium Spotify App.
  • Log in to your Spotify account.
  • After login, you will be taken to the home page of Spotify APK.
  • In the bottom panel, there are five options like Home, Browse, Search, Radio and A
  • Your library should be taken to your ‘your library.’
  • Among the more available options, tap ‘Playlists.’
  • All playlists stored in your account will appear immediately.
  • Open your favourite playlist.
  • At the top of the list, the ‘Downloads’ option appears.

Slide it to start downloading all the songs in the specified list.

Downloaded songs will appear with a green down arrow at the bottom of the song, indicating that you can listen to this national song without a network connection. To listen to downloaded songs, return to the same ‘Your Library’ location and play any song you like.

Spotify premiums can be banned in your country!

It can happen that the Spotify Premium APK is not working on your device even when everything is going well. This may be because Spotify apps are banned in your country. 

The Spotify Premium app is only available in certain countries, so if your country is on the negative list, you may be missing out on the Spotify Explosion APK.

In that case, if you are okay with taking your own risk, you can either wait for the Spotify app in your country or use a VPN. 

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, which allows you to change your network IP address and login to a Spotify account with a premium account through an IP address in another country. 

The option to select a country appears during the signup process. Once you signup to Spotify Premium with a fake IP address, it is not mandatory to connect to the VPN every time you cherish the music.

What is Model Spotify Premium Mod Apk?

If you have read the article thoroughly, you will have an idea during this time about how Spotify has turned into a premium. So the moded version allows us to access everything and everything that is restricted to the official Spotify application. So when you can enjoy the modified version of it, why download the formal app of Spotify? This is an excellent application with full options.

Some common pitfalls when using the Spotify Premium App with their possible fixes –

I can’t skip the song.

Spotify offers unlimited skips to the hacked app, but you can’t skip songs if you already have the Spotify app installed on your device. The only solution is to uninstall the official Spotify app and opt into the Spotify Premium Free Download.

Automatically log out of the app.

Many users leave queries that they are unable to log into the app. The app automatically logs out of their account. This is probably due to some security concerns. To get this, the simple act is to free up the cache memory of Spotify Premium or use VPN to log in to the app.

Unable to log in despite providing the correct certificate.

This is a very common error that Spotify Premium APP user is facing. There are many possible reasons for this, but the most effective and feasible solution is to connect the application via VPN. It will not attract any privacy and security concerns. Spotify can also help delete the application’s cache memory.

Final Words

No doubt Spotify is regarded as one of the top music streaming services after the Google Play Store and Amazon Music. For music enthusiasts who don’t want to pay a premium subscription, Spotify Premium is a great opportunity. All premium features here are unlocked and completely free. So, without a second thought, go to the Spotify Premium APK 2019 Free Download Full Version and stream them right music from where you are and what you are doing.


I hope that you provided all the details you were looking for about the Spotify Premium Mod Apk V8.44 modelled APP. Be sure to download and enjoy the song in the full groove. Thank you for spending your valuable time reading Mod Hunters article.

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