Tinder Gold Apk v11.8 For Android [Unlocked All]

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In this article, you will find Tinder Gold Apk as we know that is famous for dating which I think everyone knows but, sorry to go into awkward mode! So in this article, you will only find this mod and premium apk at ModHunters.

Swipe up your chat date in this match! Tindering is easier and more fun – swipe right to like, swipe left side pass If someone likes you back, this is the match! 

We have created a double opt-in so that only two common people are interested if there is interest. 

No rejection remains. Simply swipe, match and chat with appropriate friends online, then get out of your phone, meet the real world, and trigger some new tinder gold apps.

Tinder Gold Apk Features

Tinder Gold Mod apk which is on your website server. So, you can get the latest version of the Tinder App from this website at any time. Browse the Tinder Gold app You can find your location You can also find out where your friend is located.

Find your love for Tinder Gold Epic and with this Tinder Plus apk you can collect unlimited choices in your profile pictures, you can also promote your profile to the top so that more and more people can see you you can get 90% greater response then your tinder.

Get it from the Play Store app.

They have top-notch versions with Tinder A, but it will cost you some money and you will need to make a transaction to buy it. So, this is quite a lengthy strategy but here I am going to share the easiest way by which you can download the Tinder Plus App on your smartphone and install it without any problems.

  • Free
  • Free passport swipe
  • Unlimited Swipe
  • Special heart content
  • Change location properties
  • Chat world
  • Undo Swipe
  • Gold and premium swaps
  • There is no barrier
  • Unlimited choices

Tinder Reactions

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Tinder Gold Apk

tinder gold apk
tinder gold apk
File Name – Tinder
Size 23MB
Version 11.8
Mods Premium (Mods)
Developer visit
Updated 72 hours ago

Tinder Plus VS Tinder Gold

Tinder Plus

Upgrade to Tinder Plus for premium features:

  • Unlimited choices
  • Rewind your last swipe
  • Giving 5 super likes
  • Boost in 1 month
  • Passport to swipe worldwide
  • No ads
  • To subscribe, open Tinder> tap the profile icon at the top of the main screen> Settings> Get Tinder Plus.
tinder gold mod apk
tinder gold mod apk

Tinder Gold

With Tinder Gold, you get exclusive access to all the features Plus offers, as well as our choice of your favourite and top pick features.

  • Unlimited choices
  • Rewind your last swipe
  • Giving 5 super likes
  • Boost in 1 month
  • Passport to swipe worldwide
  • See who you like before swiping
  • New top picks daily
  • No ads

Advance Details:

If you choose to purchase Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you will be paid into your Google Play account and your account will be renewed within 24 hours before the cutting-off period begins. 

Auto-renewal can also be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the Play Store after purchase.

The current Tinder Plus subscription fee starts at $ 9.99 USD / month and includes one-month, 6-month, and 12-month applications. 

The current Tinder Gold subscription rate. Starts at the US $ 14.99 / month and programs available in one month, 6-month and 12-month programs are priced in US $, may be different in different countries than the US and subject to trade without notice. 

Cancelling modern subscriptions at one point of the active subscription period is not allowed. If you choose not to buy Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, you can definitely continue using Tinder Free.

The great community of dating platforms is the Tinder app. At one time, there was no application for dating. However, there are many types of dating apps in the Android world at present. 

Tinder gold is very popular among the themes. Many people still use the Tinder App for personal communication from anywhere at any time. 

You can create your account in tinder which is a simple process. This means that there are two options for creating a tinder account.

Using your mobile number, you can generate your tinder ID. Or you can create your tinder ID using an email address. It is very easy to configure or set up a good profile system.

Anyone can create a good profile with their tinder application. 

There are some types of people who prefer to market their products on the tinder platform using tinder ID. Because everyone is a real person on the tinder platform. 

So finding your targeted people for marketing is so easy. 

Meet some really great people here, like the Tinder Gold APP platform. Even as a friend.

Get Gold Treatment

As of date, the Fixer app helps you find you in free time, but this app has many things like Tinder Gold features like live chat money donation etc.

But you will find this app in this post so don’t worry about tune in to our site. Probably the easiest and best dating app, but it’s not like they even try to pay more for paid users.

Especially Tinder Plus users. For almost everything, ask money

How to Use Tinder (For Complete Beginners)

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Tinder for Beginners

Meet, chat and meet new people

Up to now, Tinder has more than 100 million downloads on Google Play and this number is even higher if counted on other download platforms.

With excellent service quality and continuous service updates, this is an interesting choice.

Another information aside, since Tinder launched so far, has applied more than 30 billion interactions between Tinder accounts, making this dating app the most powerful monster today.

Wherever you go, Tinder goes there; Users can quickly connect with all the friends around them. Meet new people, expand exchanges, get acquainted with the people you are travelling to or live up to the present moment, this app will help you heartily.

tinder mod plusgold unlocked
tinder mod apk

The purpose of this app is to connect people while participating in this social network; People can quickly learn from each other.

First, after creating an account, the user must design all the personal information present on its personal page.

For example, the name, role, the avatar is all the information you need to participate in this social network.

If you ignore all of the information above, this is fine but the match rate will drop significantly. Nobody wants to contact a person with unclear information.

You just want to talk to people who are attracted to you, both in your interests, looks and knowledge.

After meeting someone, wait for the signal from those people, if they have the same steps, the two will be kept in a private chat room. Talk to each other and maybe go on a future date.

tinder full unlocked apk
tinder full unlocked apk

The world’s most popular app – 26 million matches per day

The operation of this application is also easy when players use it as a common social network. You can look at other accounts and see if they like them.

If you like someone, don’t be afraid to swipe right to swipe left to like their profile.

When you like someone, these people will be put in a queue, and as I said, if you like them, then the two of you will have some chance of informal conversation.

Out of emotional stress. No worries about being rejected. Until everything is mature, two people love the way they talk to each other, so they can get away from your phone, meet up in the real world, and breathe new things.

tinder gold apk,
tinder gold apk,

These are the primary features that a Tinder can account for. But if you want to find out more, get more information about the people around you, don’t hesitate to use a premium account.

When you upgrade to Tinder Plus with exclusive premium features. You’ll get unlimited likes, which means you’ll be comfortable swiping right until you’re disturbed.

There will also be passport-like features that help you chat with all the singles in the world or become the most prominent person in the region like Boost, Super Likes, Rewind, … etc.

Furthermore, Tinder Gold will further enhance those functions.


How can I get Tinder Gold on my iPhone?


  1. Open Tinder on your iPhone or iPad. It has a pink square icon with a white flame inside. 
  2. Tap on the profile icon. It’s the silhouette of a person’s head at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings. 
  4. Tap to get tender gold. 
  5. Select a plan. 
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your selection.

How do I upgrade my Tinder Plus to TinderGold?

Ans: Can I upgrade to Tinder Gold from Tinder Plus? If you are interested in upgrading from Tinder Plus to Tinder Gold, you can do so within the app. Open Tinder> tap the profile icon at the top of the main page> Settings> Get Tinder Gold.

What do you get with tender gold?

Ans: That’s why we’ve created a Tinder Gold called our Most Featured Offer Gold: Passport, Rewind, Unlimited Likes, five Super Likes per Day, A Boost per Month and More Profile Control, as well as our new picks, so you can see. Who likes you before you swipe

How much boost do you get with Tinder Gold?

Ans: Increase your chances for a match You can get a profile view of up to 10x as boo increments. To activate the boost, open the tinder and tap the purple lightning bolt icon on the main page. Customers of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold get a free boost a month.

Public reviews

Here we have added some thoughts about the Tinder app from the Play Store. You can get to know the app better by reading these public reviews.

By Review – Ricky Pritchard

A great website meets lots of new potential partners. And friends are unfortunately not the right person. Yet if it were meant to be like all the good things in life in the end, beyond fingers crossed, let’s hope the tinder can help me fulfil my dreams of finding the perfect partner to look for.

Review by – Julia Lochhead

Shine! I had a lot of great matches and when I logged in this morning, everyone’s messages and matches were gone! what happened? What do I do Update – it’s working now. Thanks !!!!

Writes Review – Anshul Thakur

Good app for reducing your self-esteem. Frankly, I don’t look like Hollywood stars but I’m not as bad. Tinder is filled with shallow people. I feel very scared because I can’t get a good match. In the world, I can score more girls. These words are coming from a person whose level of confidence is below sea level at the moment.

Review by – Joe Arango

They’re all here! Not only that, they are all different countries, cultures, shapes and sizes, careers, single, widows, divorced. From the height of my “flower power” days to the “disco” when I got married and started a family, the abundance of women I talked to and met here wasn’t too close. Not just dating sites, Tinder. Thanks!

The conclusion

I am not brave and I’m not dating fixer but this Tinder Gold Apk will help you to date if you also search for tinder mod apk you can download from our site.

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