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uTorrent Pro apk is an upgraded version of BitTorrent. If you are a regular user of torrents on a PC, then you should know how helpful torrents are. But what if you don’t have a computer? 

uTorrent Pro
uTorrent Pro

Download this official uTorrent Pro apk for your Android mobile. And download any file you like to your PC. 

We’ve removed all ads and unlocked all the premium features in this Mod Apk, so you can use it for free without spending a dime. 

Now before going to the download section let me tell you more about this application.

uTorrent Pro is a lightweight, powerful, ad-free application that helps you download the stuff you want right to your phone or tablet, now with auto-shutdown and battery-saving choices if you prefer for Android or the Torrent Desktop client or If you like the μTorrent app, you will love µTorrent Pro. 

And, since this version of the Torrent Android app is now in the Google Play Store, you can upgrade to Torrent Pro at a special introductory price.

uTorrent downloads files at high speed using the BitTorrent Hyper Distribution Communication Protocol (“P2P”) for peer-to-peer file sharing. 

Splitting downloadable files into multiple parts and assigning multiple threads through seeding helps you download music, movies, and video files multiple times faster.

Here are some of the best torrent sites for you.

We will discuss this further after giving you a direct download link to the Utorrent Pro Apk.

What is uTorrent Pro?

uTorrent ® Pro µ Torrent is a paid version of the application, which offers enhanced features that are not available in the free version. 

In fact, if you are a general user and don’t need much, then the free version of BitTorrent is perfect for you. 

However, if you want to explore the advanced features in this app or simply don’t want to be bothered by ads, you should buy the Torrent ® Pro choose app available for $ 1.99 in the Play Store, buy it once and use it for a lifetime. 

You can support the developer by purchasing this application or installing the APK file provided by in the playstore.

Differences between version 2 (utorrent pro and free)

utorrent pro apk
utorrent pro apk

uTorrent® Pro is always rated as a highly secure application. Users can download it directly from the Android App Store, so you don’t have to worry about malicious code or personal information. 

Developers have provided users with both free and paid versions. The difference between these two versions is not too much. 

Of course, if you want to get the Pro version, you’ll need to upgrade it to the app or pay directly in the Play Store.

In the free version, users can still download files with unlimited power and speed. The app also supports magnetic links.

Users pay less than 3 USD for a paid version, which will provide them with customizable battery-saving and ad-free features. 

At this point, when your device’s battery is weak, the app will suspend the downloader and work again when the phone’s battery is full. 

Accordingly, with the Auto-Shutdown feature, the Pro version can automatically close the app and put it in the background running mode after the download process is complete.

Download UTorrent Pro APK

File Name µTorrent® Pro – Torrent App
Requires Android4.1 and up
Updated3 days ago

How to install?

With all the apps installed, installing the Utorrent App is very easy and the same. After downloading the APK:

1. Click on the downloaded files.

2. After clicking, your installation will start automatically.

3. Few seconds will need to install this app.

4. You will require to check the option ‘Allow files from unknown sources’ in your device settings. (Settings> Security> Unknown sources)

5. That’s all you have to do.

Enjoy 🙂

How to download torrent files?

Download any torrent file using utorrent

After successfully installing and granting the application’s full rights, all you have to do is click on the search icon in the middle or right corner of the screen and search for the song to download or download your favourite movie. 

The app will automatically open your web browser and suggest you sites that support torrents. Sometimes, this is not fully supported because some websites do not support downloading at all.

At this point, you should switch to your next site check.

If you find a link to a movie or song, click the Download Torrent File button. The OrTorrent® Pro window will now open automatically and the download process will begin. 

If you know of a website with lots of interesting movies and torrents to download, you can access that site directly in your web browser.

You can click on the download link and choose to open with uTorrent® Pro.

Just like downloading the computer version, the mobile version also has the same benefits and faster loading speed. Don’t worry about the download process due to an internet connection error. 

The app will continue downloading once you are connected to the Internet again. You can actively press the pause button and continue downloading at any time.

Downloading a high-quality movie with a large capacity will probably cost a lot of network data.

If your mobile data is limited and quite expensive, make sure only WiFi networks have the feature turned on. You can check this in Settings. 

Even the app allows users to customize the download and upload the maximum speed.

This is useful if you are using an application that requires stable internet speed and does not want the Urgent T Pro download to affect the experience.

How long does it take to download a file? There is no right answer to this problem. The download time depends on the size of the file and the speed of the network. 

To test it, you can access the details section of the file you are downloading.

Here, you can find all the parameters like current upload and download speed, estimated time to finish download. 

These parameters are for reference only. These will change over time depending on the speed of your network

uTorrent Pro Features

  • uTorrent Pro is free
  • Impressive torrent client for Android platform.
  • Ad-free application.
  • An auto-shutdown feature included.
  • Easily download different torrents.
  • There is no limit to speed and size.
  • Download movies and audio albums and more
  • Lightweight and powerful downloading agent.
  • Battery saving features included.
  • uTorrent Key Features
  • Beautiful light, clean design
  • Just download the files to your phone/tablet
  • Improved music listening and video viewing experience with integrated music and video players
  • Translations into P, Espa, Italiano, Portuguese, Brasil
  • Easily share files and torrents from your phone/tablet
  • There is no download speed limit and no torrent download size limit
  • Download free music, movies and videos from BitTorrent’s bundled licensed content partners

What’s new

New design

  • Re-imagined design and navigation to torrent, download and watch your favourite videos to improve usability.
  • The New Videos tab displays your downloaded videos so you can easily find your favorites
  • New dark mode theme on supported platforms
  • New tab bar for easy access to your torrents, videos, music and remote connections
  • New Music tab displays all your music by song, artist or album
  • We’ve fixed bugs and made significant stability improvements

Frequently Asked Questions for uTorrent Android

How do I get started?

There are two easy ways to start using the app:

1. Start with a search: In the portrait (vertical) mode, tap on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then enter a search term.

Your browser will open. Start searching for what you want to download. Remember you are looking for a torrent file (the file ends in .torrent) or a magnetic link.

Tap on the torrent file or magnetic link, and our app will ask you to select the files you want to download within Torrent and choose the download location (similarly advanced features; you don’t have to use them). Tap “Add”.

2. Start with featured content: In the portrait (vertical) mode, tap the menu button (three dots) in the upper corner of the screen.

On the Featured Content screen, simply tap the download button (arrow) on the content you want to download.

The app will ask you to select the files you want to download within Torrent and choose a download location (those are advanced features; you don’t have to use them). Tap “Add”.

You can also get licensed, premium torrents from partners like Mobi and Madonna at http://www.bundles.bittorrent.com

How do I pause Torrent?

To turn off all torrents, tap the menu button (three dots) in the top-right corner of the screen in portrait (vertical) mode. Tap “Pause All” (Exception: The menu button for some Samsung devices will appear when tapping the phone’s built-in “menu” button in the bottom right corner of the phone – not on screen))

To pause one or more torrents, tap the circles next to the torrent that you want to pause. A small menu appears; || Tap on the pause button.

Tip: Once you select a torrent, you can select all the rest by tapping on the button in the top-right corner. There are four other boxes that look like this box.

How do I sow seeds?

To pause one or more torrents, tap the circles next to the torrent that you want to pause. A small menu appears; || Tap on the pause button.

To turn off all torrents, tap the menu button (three dots) in the upper corner of the screen in portrait (vertical) mode. Tap “Pause All” (Exception: The menu button for some Samsung devices will appear when tapping the phone’s built-in “menu” button in the bottom right corner of the phone – not on screen))

To restart all torrents, tap on the menu button (three dots) in the upper corner of the screen in portrait (vertical) mode. Tap “Resume.”

To resume one or more torrents, tap the circles next to the torrent that you want to pause. A small menu appears;

Tap on the restart button (rotates in two arrow circles) to restart) (Exception – the phone button will appear on the corner of some Samsung device phones, not the screen, then the screen))

How do I play or open a file within an application?

When the torrent download is complete, tap on it. You will be taken to the “Files” page for your torrent.

Tap the icon for the file you want to play/open. You may be prompted to select a player to open the file.

To play media files, you need to find and install a media player in the Play Store that will be able to open the file in question. Many phones come with a media player installed, so you may not need a download.

If the media file does not start playing, please note that the uTorrent App does not have a media player – this downloader please scroll to the problem to solve the question

“Why won’t I play the downloaded movie file? Why?” Below this page for more information.

How do I close the app?

To exit the app, tap the menu button (three dots) in the top corner of the screen in portrait (vertical) mode. Tap “Sign Out”, then confirm. (Exception: Menu button will appear when tapping the “Menu” button on some Samsung device phones in the lower right corner of the phone – not on screen))

How do I choose where I want to download the file?

To select the download location before adding the torrent: When you tap the torrent link or magnetic link in your web browser and choose to download it with our application, a popup will ask you to select your files from the torrent, or choose a choice.

Will take the position before downloading. Tap “Download Location” to navigate to your preferred folder. Click “OK”, then “Add”.

To choose the download location after the torrent has already started downloading: Tap on the torrent. You will be taken to the “Files” page.

Tap on the “Details” page tab (next to the “Files” page tab). Look at the bottom of the screen – At the bottom is a grey box labelled “Download location” it Tap on it, go to where you want to download, and tap “Save”.

Review by users

These reviews have been collected from the Google Play App Store.

Tyler Santos: Overall, I’m happy and recommend the uTorrent pro APK. The app works very well and is always stable. Easy to use for anyone.

Although I do not like using my computer, it is convenient for you when you do not have access to your computer. The number one missing feature (in my opinion) would be external storage support. Add it soon.

Jad Glance: When I download now the video files don’t store in my gallery, I have a Samsung A7 which is normal.

I used to restart my phone and they would appear, but now I am nowhere to be found even when I connect my phone to my laptop I can’t find the files anywhere on the phone SD card. ??? Why is that?

Thin: I came across a huge file and it was suggested to use torrents. But Torrent Download only gave a small file to KBS. And it wasn’t opening.

I didn’t exactly get it, but when using this application, the whole file was downloaded faster. Many thanks for this application.

The conclusion

I hope you have successfully installed uTorrent Pro APK on your Android device. You can also visit ModHunters for more Android Mod Apk. Share with your friends, so they too can get help from you.


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